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      Process, Chemical, Refining

TALSON mainstay is the refining, chemical and process industries. Projects successfully completed have included revamps, upgrades, grass root facilities, process optimization, and procurement, construction and construction management. These projects have included process units and offsite facilities such as utilities, tank farms, and loading/unloading facilities (truck, rail, marine, etc.). TALSON personnel have often been called upon to perform in situations that others could not or would not perform, and routinely completed projects below budget and ahead of schedule.

A partial listing of clients in the process, chemical, and refining industry include:

Advanced Polymers
Air Liquide America Corp.
Allied Chemical Corp.
American Cyanamid
American Synpol Corp.
Arcadian Chemical
Arizona Chemical
Arrow Industries
Atlas Processing
Ausimont USA, Inc.
Bahama’s Oil Refinery
BASF Corp.
BF Goodrich
BOC Process Plants
Champlin Petroleum Co.
ChemCat Corp.
Clark Oil & Refining Co.
Coastal Petroleum Co.
Condea Vista
Conoco, Inc.
Cytec Industries
Discovery Aluminas
Exxon-Mobil (formerly Exxon)
Fina Refining
Gabriel Chemicals
Georgia Pacific Corp.
Georgia Gulf Corp.
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Hunt Refining Company
Irving Oil Limited
Kaiser Aluminum
LaRoche Chemicals

Marathon Petroleum Co.
Mobil Oil Corp.
Mobil Chemical
Motiva (formerly Star Enterprise)
Murphy Oil Corp.
Nalco Chemical Co.
Neste Resins Corp.
North Star Steel
Norton Abrasives Co.
Occidental Chemical Corp.
Ormet Corp.
Owens Corning
Pacific Refining Co.
PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer, LP
Placid Oil Refinery
Praxair, Inc.
Reclaimed Energy Resources, Inc.
Southwestern Petroleum
Specialty Plastics
Stauffer Chemical Co.
Sulzer Brother
Sulzer Escher Wyss
Tenneco Oil Co.
Texaco, Inc.
Texas Polymers
Total Petroleum
Ultramar Diamond Shamrock
Union Carbide
Union Texas Petroleum
Westlake Polymers
Witco Corp.

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