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Over the years TALSON has had great visions for itself, even in the midst of the several name changes that occurred along the way. Some might recall Talbert and Associates, Serv-Tech Engineers, C-Tech and Epcon. Those companies produced some of the most technically proficient and original works in engineering and construction. Remarkably, many of those key players are still with the firm. They are also the same TALSON people who worked on projects for numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller ones alike.

TALSON knows that not all budgets are the same, just as each job is different and unique. TALSON also understands how to be cost-effective for all its clients. TALSON also knows all client relationships are invaluable.

Yet regardless of the size of its jobs, TALSON has never swayed from its core philosophy which is to deliver superior products and maintain them. Because the firm is so quality oriented, maybe that’s why TALSON employees are the ones who enjoy the work they do while saving you, the customer, time and money with every TALSON job.

So what’s the future for TALSON?

To continue to produce quality engineering from the vantage point of knowledge and experience.

To use its talents and creativity, as it has throughout the years, and be recognized as the company customers call first.

To always enjoy doing what it does better than most–designing and conceptualizing projects with know-how.

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