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It is common knowledge that basic engineering, in most disciplines, has changed little over the decades. Instrumentation and control systems technology, however, has been in constant flux. TALSON is keenly aware of this fact and has stayed ahead of, and never behind, the rapidly changing technology. As a result, with its knowledge and vast resources, the firm is able to adjust entire operations and produce better results with less waste.

While TALSON doesn't manufacture industrial controls, its people are very familiar with all instrumentation and control products, systems and their applications for every situation. In other words, TALSON knows the market. TALSON knows the technology. TALSON knows how to apply the technology to the market.

Additionally, the company can implement superior architectural designs and advise how to best bring all systems together. Its engineers understand the pros and cons of all relevant applications and will instruct clients accordingly. They are also familiar with all components and understand their customers' frustrations and concerns. The upside: TALSON knows the systems and process applications and has the knowledge to implement the technology that will alleviate those worries and make for more efficient operations.

If a plant needs to be upgraded before newer controls are installed, TALSON will provide such services. But once operations are ready for state-of-the-art control systems, they will be provided under the watchful eyes of the best TALSON engineers, designers and project managers.

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For quality and experience there's only one company - TALSON.

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