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To be competitive one must be innovative. Although this word will have different meanings for different companies, at TALSON it addresses perfectly the parameters in which its people work.

For every TALSON engineer, innovation means using his knowledge and know-how better than most. It means knowing all aspects of engineering, and having actually worked in maintenance and operations and as engineers and managers in the industries they currently serve. It means being on top of the game far better than the nearest competitor. Lastly it means having the most expert personnel available and working with today's best specialized engineers.

Innovation demands that TALSON spell out every plan for its clients while handling, controlling and putting all the pieces together–- which it does.  Innovation requires that TALSON provide measurable goals for its customers' work that can be physically measured–- which it does. Innovation demands that every TALSON proposal be built around these measurable activities that will be strictly adhered to during implementation.

Innovation requires uniqueness and creativity. It demands that engineers have technical knowledge and practical experience. Without this experience, without this know-how, creative solutions to difficult problems would never be possible.


This is what we mean by innovation. This is the TALSON
approach to every job.

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