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Louisiana based, TALSON is an engineering firm that prides itself on project development including conceptualization and innovation of new and creative ideas. It's a company that includes all disciplines but holds a firm hand over project development, detail design and quality project management. Its attitude toward every project development assignment entails a disciplined approach to project management where experience, know-how and innovation are the building blocks that go  into every TALSON job.

TALSON is certainly not the oldest or largest engineering firm. It is, however, a company of unparalleled innovation and discipline.  It has the experience and knowledge few firms can match. With its fewer layers of management and its know-how to run systems, TALSON is responsive to every job it undertakes.

Still, TALSON is more than just an engineering firm. This is a company that knows chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, utility systems and refineries better than most. It is excellent at rebuilds, revamps, upgrades as well as grass-root designs of such plants. TALSON knows how to use that experience and knowledge on the front end so its clients will always save time and money on the back end.

TALSON is a company that can study and review a problem and determine the right solution for every specific situation. TALSON will always use its past experience and then strive to improve upon that. In other words, TALSON engineering is an evolving process where construction, operation and maintenance issues are always under the rigorous guidelines of superior project management.

In the end, it will always be innovation, know-how and experience that TALSON will bring to every job. With this also comes a unique and conscientious approach to every new undertaking.

While book knowledge is a start, to be a TALSON engineer one must have the experience and apply that experience to every unique situation. One must know project management so schedules and timetables can be undertaken and met responsibly. One must know the client's business to know what is expected. One must use experience and know-how in a creative manner to solve problems that others may not tackle.

Taking it one step further, being a TALSON engineer means undertaking projects and assignments that others deem difficult or even impossible.

TALSON . . . not only knowledge . . . but know-how.

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